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Collection: Concrete Weight Holes

Buikd Your Own Weights! 45lb Concrete Weight Mold. 

Weights are actual Olympic size, 17.7 in diameter (450mm)
Included in each mold kit:  
(QTY 1) 45 LB Olympic plate mold
(QTY 4) 2 inch plastic sleeves.
(QTY 4) Metal reinforcement rings
Other items you need:
Mixing container
Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Concrete premix
1) Place the mold on a FLAT and LEVEL surface.
2) Use hot glue to attach the 2 inch plastic sleeve to the center of the mold.
3) Mix together concrete and water.
4) Pour the concrete into the mold.  Spread out the concrete, and remove concrete from the center hole.
5) Add metal reinforcement.  Place the metal reinforcement ring into the middle of the concrete.
6) Twist the mold to remove air bubbles.  This will also level the concrete.
7) After 24 - 48 hours your weight should be ready to demold.
8) That's it.  Your concrete weight is ready to be used.
Add steel reinforcement to your weights.  If your weight cracks, then the steel reinforcement will help keep it together.
1) Adding additional water makes the concrete flow better into the mold, but makes the concrete weaker.
2) The mold is designed to hold 45 pounds of concrete.  Mix extra concrete and pour it level with the top of the mold.  You can also measure out 45 lbs of concrete with a bathroom scale.
3) Denatured alcohol works great to remove hot glue. Isopropyl also works!
4) You can paint your concrete weights after 30 days.  Bedliner is a great way to make  your weights more rugged!
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